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The process of transformation comes from fear based responses to life to a reality that is fearless, happy and full of promise and fulfilment. Relationships become more fulfilling, communication is easier, insights become a regular occurrence as do synchronicities.




Confidence increases as you begin to discover what is possible for you when you step outside your ’comfort zone’ and step into the 'real you'! As George Elliot said ’It’s never too late to be the person you were meant to be'





Are you shy, reserved, lacking in confidence? Feeling there should be more to life? Wishing you could become more positive and realize your dreams?

I can help you by giving you the tools to begin to change the way you think about yourself and your place in the world. By changing your thoughts about what is possible for you, you will begin to create a happier more positive you!


Wild Flowers


We all have our stories about who we are and what we are capable of and when those stories have been with us all our lives we begin to think that we can't change. But that is not true! As science is now proving, we have the capability to change the pathways in our brains to create a new reality for ourselves.




I can offer you one to one sessions where you can relax and have the the time to explore how you want to change your life and use the tools that I myself have used to change from being shy and reserved and lacking confidence to becoming a Happiness and Empowerment Coach having trained with the Sue Stone Foundation to become an accredited Sue Stone coach. See all coaching options here.

Free MP3 Affirmation download!

Free MP3 Affirmation/Meditation Track. Written and voiced by myself and recorded in a professional studio. Listening regularly to this track ‘I know that all is well’ will help you to think positively and relax about life. Enjoy!




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