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I grew up in Middlesex, greater London U.K., the youngest of three siblings. I was known as a ‘shy’ child and growing into a teenager my lack of confidence and social inhibition only grew worse.

My self-confidence, which was already very low either from nature or nurture, took a blow when I was twenty one and the man I was engaged to broke off our engagement leaving me heart broken. Another broken relationship followed and over the years my lack of self-love led me to look for someone to ‘save me’ and I married twice only to leave both marriages causing heartache for all those involved. However, I have been married to my husband for twenty one years now and have learnt over those years much about why we make the choices we make in life.

I devoured so many self-development books over the years looking for ideas to help me with my lack of confidence that at one point I had to have a clear out and besides I wasn’t putting into practice the many gems I read in those books.

Then one evening I was trying to listen to an online radio programme but for some reason the internet was playing up and so I gave up and put the TV on, looking for something interesting to watch I came across a programme called ‘How’d you get so rich’ and decided to watch it. One of the interviews was with Sue Stone who spoke about how she turned her life around by changing her thoughts about what was possible for her. I found her so inspirational that when the programme finished I ‘googled’ her and found that she had established the Sue Stone Foundation where she ran courses for aspiring self-empowerment coaches. I applied to go on Sue’s course and was accepted. I learnt how use the ‘law of attraction’ and other tools to manifest the life I truly wanted and how to help others to do the same.

I now help others learn how to change their lives for the better and create the life of their dreams! It takes work, but is so worth the effort to become the person you were meant to be!


Christine with Sue Stone
Christine with Sue Stone


Sue Stone Foundation






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